Right Plant & Right Place

Achieving a healthy, low-maintenance home landscape starts with putting the right plant in the right place. Select plants that match your site’s soil, light, water and climate conditions. Buy Florida native plants that welcome wildlife. Consider plant size when you make your purchase and aim for a diversity of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and flowers. Once these plants are established, they’ll require little supplemental water, fertilizer or pesticides, saving you time and money. Help stop the spread of invasive plants by removing them from your yard.

The following guide can help you decide which plants are right for your landscape:

Full Sun
Part Shade
Butterfly Nectar
Salt Tolerant
Butterfly Host
Must Have
Bird Food
Humming Bird
Vines and Trellis Bloomers Aquatics
Bay Bean Alligator Flag
Beach Morning Glory Arrowhead
Carolina Jessamine Blue Flag Iris
Coral Honeysuckle Common Water Weed
Corkystem Passionvine Duck Potato
Crossvine Duckweed
Dutchman's Pipe Fragrant Water Lily
Jacquemontia Giant Bulrush
Maypop Passionvine Lemon Bacopa
Railroad Vine Lizard's Tail
Wild Allamanda Pickerel Weed
Scarlet Hibiscus
Grasses Soft Rush
Dwarf Fakahatchee Spatterdock
Fakahatchee Spider Lily
Muhly Grass Spikerush
Elliot’s Love Grass Water Hemlock
Sand Cord Grass Water Hyssop
Sea Oats Yellow Canna
Palms and Palm Like Ferns
Cabbage Palm Bracken Fern
Florida Thatch Palm Cinnamon Fern
Green Saw Palmetto Giant Sword Fern
Paurotis Palm Leather Fern
Silver Saw Palmetto Netted Chain Fern
Royal Fern
Swamp Fern
Wildflowers and Groundcovers
Beach Verbena Pencilflower
Beach Morning Glory Pennyroyal
Bigelowia Pineland Lantana
Black-eyed Susan Porterweed
Blanket Flower Quailberry
Blazing Star Railroad Vine
Blue Curls Rouge Plant
Blue-eyed Grass Scorpiontail
Bushy Aster Seacoast Marsh Elder
Costal Ambrosia Sea Lavender
Christmas Berry Sea Oxeye Daisy
Climbing Aster Sea Purslane
Coontie Seaside Ambrosia
Corky Stem Passionvine Seaside Gentian
Dune Sunflower Seaside Goldenrod
Elephant's Foot Spanish Bayonette
False Mint Spiderwort
False Nettle St. John's Wort
Florida Greeneyes Starry Rosinweed
Florida Paintbrush Stoke’s Aster
Florida Peperomia Sunshine Mimosa
Golden Creeper Tampa Verbena
Gopher Apple Tickseed, Coreopsis
Horsemint Tropical Sage
Inkberry Tropical Scullcap
Ironweed Twin Flower
Milkweed (not native) White Lantana
Maypop Passionvine Wild Petunia
Mist Flower Wood Sage
Native Plumbago Yellow Coneflower
Partridge Pea Yellowtop
Bahama Cassia Marlberry
Bay Cedar Mrs. Shiller's Delight
Beauty Berry WHITE Myrsine
Beautyberry Necklace Pod
Bird Pepper Possum Haw
Bloodberry Privet Cassia
Buttonbush Red Stopper
Climbing Aster Red-tip Cocoplum
Dog Hobble Redberry Stopper
Dwarf Firebush Rusty Lyonia
Dwarf Golden Dewdrop Salt Bush
Dwarf Wax Myrtle Seven Year Apple
Dwarf Wild Coffee Shiny Lyonia
Dwarf Yaupon Holly Silver Buttonwood
Elderberry Simpson's Stopper
Fetterbush Snowberry
Fiddlewood Softleaf Wild Coffee
Firebush Spanish Stopper
Florida Lilac Varnish Leaf
Florida privet Walter's Viburnum
Gallberry Wax Myrtle
Garberia White Indigo Berry
Golden Dewdrop White Stopper
Green Buttonwood Wild Coffee
Horizontal Cocoplum Yellow Anise
Autograph or Pitch Apple Tree Pond cypress
Bahama Strongbark Popash
Bald Cypress Possum Haw
Black Bead Red Bay
Black Ironwood Red Mangrove
Blolly Red Maple
Cinnamon Bark Red Mulberry
Cinnecord Sand Live Oak
Coral Bean Satinleaf
Dahoon holly Seagrape
East Palatka Holly Seven Year Apple
Florida Lilac Slash Pine
Gumbo limbo Slash Pine Southern "Densa"
Jamaican Caper Soapberry
Jamaican Dogwood South Ridge Holly
Laurel Oak Southern Red Cedar
Lignum Vitae Spicewood
Live Oak Strangler Fig
Loblolly Bay Sweet Acacia
Locucstberry Sweet Bay Magnolia
Longleaf Pine Sweet Gum
Mahogany Sycamore
Mastic Varnish Leaf
Myrtle Oak Virginia Willow
Orange Geiger Wild Lime
Paradise Tree Wild Tamarind
Persimmon Winged Elm
Pigeon Plum Yaupon Holly
Pigmy Fringetree
Pignut Hickory
Pond Apple
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