Sun Loving Native Plants

Drier Soils:

SEAGRAPE – Coccoloba unvifera
Shrub, small tree, deciduous
10-30 ft. tall
Birds eat fruit
Can make jelly with fruit
RUSTY LYONIA – Lyonia ferruginea
Small shrub, evergreen
10-15 ft. tall
Interesting foliage and bark
Pollinator plant
LYRELEAF SAGE – Salvia lyrata
Short-lived perennial flower, reseeds
1-1.5 ft. tall
Interesting foliage
Attracts many pollinators
WIREGRASS – Aristida stricta
Clumping grass, plant in groups
2 ft. high by 2 ft. wide
Cold hardy
Provides cover for small wildlife
DOTTED HORSEMINT – Monarda punctate
Spreading annual flower, reseeds
3-4 ft. tall
Attracts pollinators
FLORIDA GREENEYES – Berlandiera subacaulis
Short-lived perennial flower, reseeds
18″ tall
Attracts pollinators
DUNE SUNFLOWER – Helianthus debilis subsp. vestitus
Short-lived perennial flower, reseeds
15″ tall
Attracts pollinators
BLANKET FLOWER – Gaillardia pulchella
Annual flower, reseeds
15″ tall
Attracts butterflies and bees


TICKSEED – coreopsis leavenworthii
Annual flower
3 ft. tall
State wildflower
Attracts many pollinators
SUNSHINE MIMOSA – Mimosa strigillosa
Perennial flower
6″ tall
Spreads, good groundcover
Larval host of little sulphur butterfly
BLACK-EYED SUSAN – Rudbeckia hirta
Annual flower
Readily reseeds
3 ft. tall, spreads
Birds eat seeds
BLAZING STAR – Liatris spicata
Perennial flower, reseeds
6 ft. tall
Attracts pollinators
SAND CORDGRASS – Spartina bakeri
Clumping grass, perennial
3-5 ft. tall
Highly salt-tolerant
Larval host for some skippers
SAW PALMETTO – Sereno repens
Long-lived shrub, evergreen
3-8 ft. high and 6 ft. wide
Moderately salt-tolerant
Animals eat the fruit
FLORIDA PRIVET – Forestiera segregate
Shrub, deciduous
15 ft. high and 10 ft. wide
Good hedge
Provides cover and fruit for wildlife

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