Our nursery features over two hundred species of native plants on more than two acres.

We also carry a variety of mulches, pine straw, worm castings and worm tea concentrate, gardening and native plant books, laminated bird and butterfly ID cards, trellis & garden tape, and gardening gloves. We have chosen a variety of child and pet friendly products you can use with good conscience, without fear of toxic residue or negative impact to our air, earth and water. These include: "Safer" insect soap, smart release plant food, "Iron Plus" soil acidifier, "Amdro" fire ant control, and diatomaceous earth.

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We have installed hundreds of landscapes throughout Southwest Florida, from major roadway landscape beautification projects, to parks, gated communities, condo complexes, commercial projects and homes. We can help you create the landscape of a lifetime to enhance your habitat. Give us a call at 239.939.9663 to arrange for a site visit or consultation for your landscape plans!

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A one time fee of $95 is due at time of site visit.

Full landscaping plans are $295.

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