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                   2018 FREE Public Workshops:

                   at the All Native Garden Center

                   300 Center Road in Fort Myers

                   All workshops begin at 1:00 PM


14th: "Back 10 Feet" - This session is full

SUE SCOTT, site owner of "The Back Ten Feet," will enlighten you on how you can welcome life into your landscape by converting unproductive turf grass areas into drought tolerant, wildlife friendly, interesting and storm protective landscapes. She will share with you how to eliminate fertilizers and pesticides in order to keep our waters clean and your yard safe for children, pets and wildlife.

28th: "Florida Friendly Gardening" - This session is full

JOHN SIBLEY, All Native Garden Center owner, will share with you the appropriate plants and landscapes for the SW Florida subtropical climate using the nine principles of the F.F.L. Program: right plant right place, water efficiently, fertilize appropriately, protect the waterfront, reduce storm water runoff, mulch, attract wildlife, control yard pests responsibly, and recycle waste material. 

February - This session is full

11th: "Gardening For Wildlife" 

John Kiseda, Environmental Educator, will share with you the tips and tricks of gardening in SW Florida that that will help you bring "Life to Your Landscape."  Emphasis will be on Florida native plants that cater to the needs of local wildlife and sustainable gardening techniques.


25th: "Plant World of the Calusa"

MARTHA KENDALL, Calusa Heritage Trail docent at Pineland, will explain the list of plants identified by archaeologists from Pineland's ancient deposits and show how each plant might have been used by the Calusa, based on information on known uses of similar plants throughout the Western hemisphere.



4th: "Butterfly Gardening"  - This session is full

Join GAYLE EDWARDS, Master Gardener, as she shares her knowledge and experience of using Florida native plants to create a butterfly garden.

11th: "Preparing Landscapes for Spring"

Spring is the perfect season for a variety of landscaping endeavors, both large and small. But, before you dive right into your yard work, it's important to prepare. JOHN SIBLEY, All Native Garden Center owner, will provide tips to help you prepare your outdoor home for gorgeous and productive landscaping results.

25th: "Florida Wildflowers of the CREW Trust"

Few states have the abundance of wildflowers that Florida has. Let your imagination guide you as BRENDA THOMAS, CREW Environmental Education Specialist, takes you on a visual stroll through wispy Florida wildflowers of the C.R.E.W. Land and Water Trust. You will come to understand how wildflowers are essential to the pollinators responsible for every third bit of food we eat.




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